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I have lived in Sudbury for over 10 years now. Like I have mentioned before, lately I have been seeing and hearing a lot of people say that Sudbury is plain and Boring. But I have a disagreement with this opinion. First of all, most of these people have mostly lived in Sudbury in their lives. Have you ever had a song that you loved replaying but when new songs are launched, they fade off your top 25?. The 7 Wonders of Sudbury is here to remind everyone that its no longer bad!!

  1. Manitoulin Island/Killarney

I know.. I know.. Manitoulin and Killarney are a bit of a drive out of Sudbury but they are most definitely worthy of this list. Killarney has a tone of walking trails including the famous “Crack”. A roughly 2-4 hour, intermediate hike up to a wide open rock summit with a stunning view. Obviously, after your hike you get hungry and the small town of Killarney is only 10 minutes away. This means you have 100% MUST GO chance to get fish and Chips from the town.

Also in this section, I mentioned Manitoulin Island. It isn’t really located in Sudbury but I could not leave it out. It is one of the most renowned after camp/cottage country. People from all over the world own camps on Manitoulin Island. Anyone who has been there LOVE the experience in the place. It’s known for its fishing, beautiful country’s scenery, bridal falls, cup and saucer hiking trails. One most important thing to note is that when you are driving onto Manitoulin, being an island, you need to cross a bridge. You can’t miss it.

Once you cross the bridge, the second building on your right after the Manitoulin information tourist place, there is one of the most known ice cream Parlous, 3 cows and a cone. Imagine driving in, blasting music, waiting to get into the camp, have a beer on a nice Hot summer day, you stop in and get a huge double scoop of your choice of like 20 flavors. Yeah its awesome.


  1. Sudbury, The City of Lakes

Sudbury, nick named the “City of Lakes” is a home to 330 lakes within its vicinity. One of the famous Lakes located 13,257 hectares is known as Wannapitai and is the largest city-contained lake in the world. Don’t tell me that’s not amazing. We have the largest nickel and the largest city-contained Lake, not only in Canada but also in the world. You are probably wondering why I mentioned it. Well, I love nature, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking and all that stuff. So having these many lakes is awesome for anyone that likes outdoor activities. Plenty of options for fishing, boating, and my personal favorite canoe camping. I do at least one trip every year and let me tell you picking our spot is difficult.


  1. Dynamic Earth/Big Nickel and Science North

These two places are some of our biggest attractions in Sudbury and we are LUCKY to have them. Think about it… Have you been to Toronto to Ripleys Aquarium? Or the Toronto Zoo? If you have been you thinking damn I wish Sudbury had fun things like this? Well, Science North (SN) and Dynamic Earth (DE) are exactly that. But.. Do you think Torontonians are super stoked to go to the Aquarium after one or two times? Nah… Like them almost every Sudbury Resident takes SN and DE Granted.


You know when you go to Toronto and you go see the CN tower? You take a picture of it with your loved one or you pretend to hold It in your hand…or what ever tourists do? Well believe it or not but the Big Nickel is quite the site for tourists that come to visit Sudbury. Think about it, we are nick named “Nickel Capital” is the second largest producing nickel basin in the WORLD! Not only do we have the nickel we have an awesome interactive and educational tour of an old mine shaft. I’ve done it a few times and it is fun and super cool.


Science North is just a big science Classroom. You learn a few of cool things. They always have new features. When I first moved to Sudbury like over 10 years ago, I was like 12 years old and we literally went to science north every day for a month at least. There is unlimited activities, workshops, and presentations you can participate in. It is incredible that we can say we have science north right here in our hometown of Sudbury.


  1. Onaping Falls

Only about 30 minutes drive out of Sudbury we have a beautiful hiking trail that starts by crossing a bridge over Onaping Falls which is a 150-foot drop of rushing water. One of the most impressive water falls in the Lake Huron area. After crossing the bridge it leads to an awesome hiking trail through a beautiful thick forest. Definitely somewhere you can get a killer selfie if you get into that stuff.

  1. Laurentian Facilities

If you are bored.. ever… just drive to Laurentian and I guarantee you will find something to do. Laurentian has one of the largest campuses in Ontario.. like from the movie step brothers they would say, “So much room for activities”. I go there every single day! Their indoor facilities have an Olympic size swimming pool that has open swims a few times a week; they just recently built a new workout gym with two extra basketball gyms additional to the big main gym! If you play basketball and you think you can keep up in there almost every day at 6:30! In the new addition, they also have a climbing wall and a bouldering room.


Laurentian also has a few of outdoor activities. A 400m track, with all the track and field equipment. They have walking trails during the summer that become cross country skiing tracks in the winter. They have a soccer field/foot ball field and right next to the track they just built a brand new obstacle course. The obstacle was built just barely over a month ago and its perfect to bring parties.


  1. Bridge of Nations

The bridge of Nations is quite the bridge. I drive on it every day so I don’t appreciate it as much as I should and you probably don’t either. Separating the south end from downtown located on one of the busiest streets in Sudbury the bridge of Nations holds up 82 flags with another 10-18 more to go up. This bridge is an awesome token of the support of diversity that Sudbury Offers. If you are driving down Notre Dame you can’t miss it! If you are looking to add a flag the current cost is 1200$ per flag.


  1. Bell Park

I added Bell Park as a whole because it encompasses many different areas and events. It is one of the most known areas of Sudbury. First of all, it is a park/beach. On a sunny day, there not many places that can beat Bell Park. There are 3 quality beaches to choose from and the main one having a lifeguard, washrooms, gazebo, and kids play park. If you are a bit older and you just want to spend some time outside or you need a nice first date spot you definitely should go for a walk on the boardwalk. The board walk follows the shoreline of Ramsey lake starting from science north all the way to the canoe club.


Bell park is such a vast and beautiful area that they often host events and festivals. Such as Northern Lights Festival Boreal and Dragon Boat Festival. You can enjoy the beauty of the Bell Park all while having entertainment. Every July thousands of people gather at Bell Park for the Big display of Fire Works. There is a big outdoor amphitheater to host live performances.


Well… There you have it… the 7 wonders of Sudbury. You may have different 7 wonders but those are the ones I thought were most relevant. Some are just a matter of a short visit and others would require a full day or a weekend. If you have any questions or anything please feel free to contact me!

I encourage comments if you want to name some of the wonders you would add to the list!

I’m out.


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