About Tristan Ritchie

FullSizeRenderTristan Ritchie is a young entrepreneur.He has lived in Sudbury for more than 10 years. He graduated recently from Laurentian University, with a Bachelors of Commerce (2015).

Tristan took one year to play college basketball at Cambrian College while studying additional Commerce courses. After working for TD Canada Trust for more than 3 years, he decided to become a Real Estate Agent in the City of Sudbury. He is now a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Coldwell Banker Charles Marsh Real Estate. 

Why Real Estate?

From a tender age, Tristan admired his father's success in Real Estate investment. He would go and attend meetings at the bank, follow him around during presentations. He learnt how his father analyzed the numbers. Tristan wouldn't wait to establish what he believed is one of the best investments anyone could initiate. At the age of 21, when he was in his 3rd year at the University, Tristan bought his first rental property. He discovered that Real Estate was the career that best suit him. He thought if he would invest at such a young age, there could be no excuse of not supporting anyone to invest in the same.

Why Is Tristan different?

"I am not a salesperson but a Real Estate Consultant". Tristan's biggest challenge of investing into the business is stereotyping by other agents who see him as a salesperson. Yes, his job is to sell homes, but it is not the same as someone selling fake watches on the street. His goal is to build a commercial relationship with every potential buyer to fully assess and understand their needs and expectations. It becomes a lot more than just a business. Yes, a lot of agents will say that, yet none or a few can prove that they mean it.

Tristan and Team Kurt invests their own money in each of the listings. We like to deliver high quality services in the business. We believe each home is professionally staged if there is furniture left in the home and can hire a professional photographer at our own expense! Your success is our Passion! 

Though I am still new to the business, I have seen massive success. Working with Team Kurt, one of the best real estate teams in the Greater Sudbury Area has provided a lot of help and support. If you have ANY questions or would like to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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