Selling Tips

Selling Tips

SECRETS: How Do We BEAT The Market Every Year?

In the year 2016, in the Sudbury market, average home sales increased up to 96.6% above the list price with an average of homes selling in 60 days. We refer this to as Days on Market (D.O.M).

In 2016, our team managed to beat the market by 1.1% with an average of  97.7% of the list price! For instance, 1.1% for a $300k home is an extra $3300 in our seller's pockets. We also beat the market for D.O.M by 22 with our listings selling on average of 38 days vs the market average of 60.

Putting your home on the MLS system and average pictures won't cut it. That’s where the secrets come in. We are determined to offer the highest level of professional support to our clients. 

When we have a listing we don’t cut corners and try to save money. To give you the best of our services, we invest OUR money to sell your home. Here are some of a 'MUST HAVE' elements we use to sell your home at a higher price above the average market price.

We pay a Professional Stager for every listing we get. The more attractive your home appeals, the more potential buyers you will have. We believe this is essential and should never be taken for granted.

We take pride in quality service delivery. Phone images just don’t cut it. Online pictures give the best impression to potential buyers. Consequently, we embrace and anticipate for the highest quality pictures in your listing to give the best touch to your viewers on the first sight.

We trust the power of social media in siphoning the current markets. Being social media experts, we provide our listings extra exposure. We invest money in advertising your listing and create the house demands on social media. If your listing isn’t on social media, you miss out thousands of viewers and potential buyers.

Like I previously mentioned, it's not just about taking a few pictures and creating a listing for That’s what everyone does. Getting a marketing strategic plan will help distinguish your home from the rest in the market list. In 2016, this is one of the concrete reasons as to why we made an outstanding performance in the market.

5. PRICE (Full Time Realtors)
Would you hire a "Part time" surgeon for the same price as a "Full Time" surgeon? Well, working as Realtors is our full-time job. We take this seriously.

Consequently, we are constantly conducting research in a wide range of markets in Sudbury to help us determine the best price point for your home.

There you have it! A little glimpse of our brand secret is tailored to earn more money for our clients for their home. As Realtors, we employ professionalism in our firm in going above and beyond for our clients!

Steps to Selling your home?

We have a broad range of factors to be considered when selling your home. Certain steps are often overlooked but can have a greater impact on the final sale price of your home. On listing a home, my primary goal is to make more money for my clients as possible!

Here are the steps that I would go through with potential Sellers.

1. Evaluate the home
As a Real Estate Agent, we have access to a database of active, sold and expired listings. This information helps determine the best price potential clients are willing to pay for a certain home. When taking a walk through your home, I will spend an afternoon to research and find the best price for your home.

2. Touch Ups
There are many things that can improve your home for resale. Some of them are worth the price and some are just a waste of money. When exploring your home, I like pointing out a few touch ups that help sell your home with the awesome return of your money.

3. Pricing
Once the home evaluation is complete and decided which touch ups will be considered, we will give you the best price proposals depending on the worthiness of your house. Just a reminder, a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for. Pricing is not an exact science, but as long as it isn't way overcharged, the market will ultimately determine its worthiness. Once I give you all the information, you will pick the price you want to list.

4. Pre-List
We truly want you to have a great selling experience when listing with us. We like to go over and above for our clients. For each listing we have, we hire a home Stager and a professional photographer to maximize the appeal of your home at NO cost to the clients. We pay for it and all our clients receive equal treatment regardless of the value of the home! We believe this is a key factor for selling a home. Staging and pictures are a sure strategy to bring a difference of several thousand dollars!

5. Marketing
With the current introduction of internet and social media, the regime of newspaper clippings and magazines is over. When selling your house, online social media exposure is all you need to get a strong market venture. Before your house hits the market, we post a Coming Soon Ad. This Ad can reach up to approximately 2500-6000 viewers in the marketplace. This creates what I like to call a "Buzz". I have had homes selling higher than expected because of these coming soon Ads. Once the house hits the MLS system, we advertise it for view on social media and website with pictures and price.

Once all this is in place, we wait for the negotiation process!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Every home is a different challenge that I love to take on!

Tristan Ritchie - Sales Representative with Coldwell Banker Charles Marsh

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